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Name:Malcolm Scathelocke (Will Scarlet)
Birthdate:Jun 7
Will Scarlet is Robin Hood's nephew-cousin (don't ask) and one of the more prominent of the Merry Men, being the best swordfighter of the bunch and also the oldest. He is really not fond of being confused for Will Stutely, another one of the merry men, and gets quite annoyed when it happens (which is often). Will is also the cook of the group, making one of the most evil-looking but incredibly good hangover cures known to the world. Loyal to a fault, he is normally assisting Robin Hood and Little John in whatever scheme Robin's thought up this time. Thanks to a stranger adventure the trio went on, Will is married to a prince cursed as a princess (it's better not to ask about that one) and uses his marriage to tease Robin about having not yet proposed to the Lady Marian. He also has a ridiculously fancy red hat.


Malcolm Scathelocke is the founder and owner of Archer Security, a small security firm that hires out security guards to such places as the bank and the hospital, as well as checking private security systems by attempting to break into them. He's Chris Coghlan's older cousin and thinks of him more like a younger sibling, forever believing that he can help Chris see the error of his ways and stop his theft from people. To most people in Storybrooke, Malcolm is the most likely suspect of being Archer, a vigilante thief who always seems to slip past Malcolm's security and named after his company due to the suspicion placed upon him.

[This is a journal for Malcolm Reed of Star Trek: Enterprise placed into the canon of Once Upon A Time via a wacky AU mash-up with the character of Will Scarlet from the Robin Hood folktales for use at [info]storybroken.]
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